GTD Works

By on Mar 30, 2015 in Blog |

1. GTD is for everyone

David Allen’s system works for all people regardless of their busyness level. We all have minds, therefore we should all know how to use our minds efficiently. GTD provides a way to have a better relationship with our brain. Allen sums up the philosophy in his book by stating,

“A basic truism I have discovered over decades of coaching and training thousands of people is that most stress they experience comes from inappropriately managed commitments they make or accept. Even those who are not consciously “stressed out” will invariably experience greater relaxation, better focus, and increased productive energy when they learn more effectively to control the “open loops” of their lives.”

2. GTD is for everything

We all have things on our mind. It can be work related or home related. Whatever the case we have stuff demanding attention from our brains. Allen says it best,

“You’ve probably made many more agreements with yourself than you realize, and every single one of them big or little is being tracked by a less-than-conscious part of you. These are the “incompletes,” or “open loops,” which I define as anything pulling at your attention that doesn’t beong where it is, the way it is. Open loops can include everything from really big to-do items like “End world hunger” to the more modest “Hire new assistant” to the tiniest task such as “Replace porch lightbulb.”

3. GTD is a lifestyle

The system worked for me when I started using it consistently. You have habits like brushing your teeth, exercising, or reading. GTD build habits that help you gain control over all the stuff your mind tells you to do. The productivity guru sums it up,

“In order to deal effectively with all of that, you must first identify and capture all those things that are “ringing your bell” in some way, clarify what, exactly, they mean to you, and then make a decision about how to move on them. That may seem like a simple process, but in reality most people don’t do it in a consistent way. They lack the knowledge or the motivation, or both, and most likely because they aren’t aware of the prices paid for neglecting that practice.”

So that’s GTD. I know it’s worked for me. It’s also worked for many others. If you’re interested, then check out the book and pick up the new edition today!